California Suite

March 2015

Neil Simon's hilarious yet thoughtful portmanteau set of four plays, all performed in the same hotel suite in Los Angeles. Five couples from elsewhere in the USA, their marriages in different states of tension or chaos, spend time there. Lovers of Neil Simon's acerbic New York one liners will definitely not be disappointed!


Hannah - Anny Kilbourne

Bill - Dan Fields

Marvin - Bob Drury

Bunny - Marie Watsham

Millie - Chris Eilbeck

Sidney - Howard Eilbeck

Diana - Maggie Bourgein

Mort - Keith Palmer

Beth - Rose Gander

Gert - Angela Wallwork

Stu - Alan Caig

Production Team:

Director - Clare Philbrock

Asst Director - Janine Warre

Production Manager - Maggie Butt

Set Design and Construction - Eliot Wright

Costumes - Janine Warre, Jill Whitehouse, Lynn Trout

Props - The company

Lighting - Peter Tapp

Sound - John Bradley

Publicity Design - Phil Keen

Publicity - Maggie Butt, Angela Wallwork

Front of House - Avril Pattinson and company