Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn

March 2017

Alan Ayckbourn’s very funny Confusions kicks off the celebration of our 40th year. Set in 1977, when Estuary began, the show consists of four interlinked short plays featuring Ayckbourn’s trademark failures of communication (his characters that is, not his own). The performances will be on 28 -31 March 2017. The plays are
Mother Figure
In which Lucy the harassed mother of three small children confuses her neighbours.

Drinking Companions
Harry the would-be philandering husband of Lucy tries his luck with Paula and Bernice
Between Mouthfuls
Overbearing businessman Donald Pearce and his wife eat a fraught dinner. At the next table by coincidence sit his employee Martin, and his wife Polly, equally fraught.

Gosforth’s Fete
A successful fete organiser requires good weather, reliable equipment, keen and efficient volunteers and some luck besides. Gordon Gosforth has none of these things…..


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